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Don’t Let Your Child Become A Victim – Do An Education Background Check!

June 7th, 2021

The lack of doing an education background check has let too many situations all over the schools of the United States. Teachers and principals with backgrounds of drug abuse, sexual perversions and other criminal behavior are all over our airwaves.

Kids just like yours go to school one day and their entire life changes because someone did not do their job when the teacher or principal was hired. This type of negligence in our public and private school systems is running rampant.

Schools claim they are screening everyone, but that system gets thrown out the window when there is a desperate need. Or perhaps a search doesn’t get done because this teacher was referred by a good friend.

An education background check has to get done no matter who the person is or where they come from. Omitting this from the screening process for anyone that works with children, no matter what their age, is negligent and there isn’t any excuse for not doing one.

All teachers and principals, regardless of who knows them or their educational background, need to have a thorough background screening done before they are even considered to be hired. And the type of screening should match the position for which they are being hired.

Anyone working with children or teens should have to pass a drug test as well as a thorough education background check which should include criminal screening. If the person will be handling money at all, then a credit check should be done as well.

Many teachers teach driver’s education as an extra job after school. If that’s the case, or if they will be driving kids on field trips or wherever, then they also need to have two other tests done. They should be subject to a department of motor vehicles check as well as a blood-alcohol testing.

If the school does not do that rigorous kind of screening, then I would find a reliable company online and run the check myself.

Our children are the most precious thing to us. If the school doesn’t do it, then run your own education background check.